ZikiTranslator v1.5.0a (English version)

Programa traductor de idiomas Zikitranslator(Online Translator in 8 languages)

(Ver versión en Español)

 ZikiTranslator is a translator «On-line» that allows you to translate texts in multiple different languages.

At the moment, ZikiTranslator can translate between 8 different languages. For example:  English-Spanish.  Spanish-English.  French-German.  Portuguese-Italian. Spanish-German…

Unlike other translators, ZikiTranslator can translate texts of up to 40000 characters.

FAST TRANSLATION: To translate quickly a text of any application,  select it and press  CTRL+SHIFT+F11.  The text will appear in the left upper corner. See an example reading the full article

 Main window of Zikitranslator

Translation Software Zikitranslator


Fast translation sample through CTRL+SHIFT+F11

Programa de traducción Zikitranslator


Download Zikitranslator for Windows

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